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Corporate Social responsibility is one of the principal objective and it is self-regulating business model to ourselves and a long term vision to uplift the underprivileged. It keeps us socially accountable to ourselves, our partners and the public

We at modern rolls follow our vision and mission of long term sustainability. We believe in sharing, caring and nurturing those around us and the environment that have helped us to bring our company to such a great heights. We have implemented policy to protect our environment by bringing advance technology to our premises. As a farsighted vision company it is always trying to achieve a balance between socio-economic activities where it operates. In effort to achieve this target we provide free medical expenses to our company and group insurance to its employees. Modern Rolls provides free and quality education to the children of its employees so that they can become the great leaders of tomorrow. These policies give them the sense of belongingness and cater their very important need.

We have defined a set of core values for ourselves – Compassion, Empathy and Proactive this approach helps us to guide our employees and extend their possibility of better future for their families and themselves. Looking ahead, we shall continue to work for a better tomorrow of our employee and strive hard to induct socio economic equity in the Company by way of improving the Quality of Life of our Employees.

We at Modern Rolls and Engineering Ltd thrives towards Women Empowerment, we bring more women staff to all the levels of work and provide them the equal value as the male staff.